about us

We have a well equipped machine shop. The jobs are done by skilled workers under the close supervision of experienced engineers. We are enclosing herewith details of our activities, list of plant and machinery and list of few customers.

We are interested in undertaking fabrication and machining jobs of your esteemed organization. We are also interested in undertaking development jobs to increase the life/strength of your spares/equipment. Such development jobs involve selection of proper material and heat treatment processes to achieve the physical and mechanical properties as required for specific job requirement.

It is a proud privilege for us to have YASH ENTERPRISES,Indore as one of our most coveted sought after vendor and suppliers.

Yash Enterprises are manufacturers of high quality of mechanical parts and equipments, known for dependable, quality and competitive price. 

We have established our credentials in matters of developing and supplying us user friendly,cost effective mechanical machines as per our designs with definite value addition. 
We are consistent in our high quality and can be termed as by far the best and comparable to any world class job work.

We have full confidence in their innovativeness,quality, cost efficiency and above all a total value for money and complete satisfaction to any demanding customer need.

We strongly recommend them for any job work that calls for Quality, Cost, Innovativeness and dependability.