1. Safety equipments for railway
  2. Spares and import substitutes
  3. Critical mechanical repair jobs
  4. Reverse engineering and re-engineering of mechanical jobs of any type
  5. Supply of mechanical parts as per the drawings of customers


System and regulatory norms:

  1. Study of drawings before quote.
  2. Study of drawings after receipt of order
  3. Draw process chart with the check points for inspection and marking for TRACEABILITY
  4. Quality check for raw material ( in house and chemical tests from outside agencies )
  5. In-process inspection
  6. Inspection report of final job



Systems to handle rush orders:

Since we undertake repair and maintenance jobs regularly, we have regular infrastructure to undertake such orders and especially rush orders for our regular costumers. Under such circumstances we work round the clock to minimize the down time at the customer end. If required we off load the jobs to vendors for quick delivery.